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Creating a masterpiece is not easy to do; at Toro it is done everyday. Toro has won many awards, year after year, such as "Best Asian Restaurant" with a feather in their cap for, State Wide Runner Up and all of Fairfield county. Also voted "Expert Pick" From Connecticut Magazine and the readers choice poll. Zagat confirms with excellent ratings.

Enter Toro's New England style, free standing building, and see where all the magic happens. Start by getting a warm greeting and being seated in the modern Asian decorated, dining room. Look around and watch the staff, dressed in black shirts that scream the most appropriate saying, "Got Sushi?" as they shuffle around, making sure each guest is served and treated as they are a family member, delivering amazing service.

No matter where you are seated, each area gives you a memorable experience as hot steaming dishes are brought to tables directly and fresh out of the kitchen. Keep an eye on the Sushi chef's, at the open sushi bar, craft the best looking sushi plates you have ever seen. Once you bite in to any of Toro's dishes, you will agree they have the best Sushi, Chinese and Japanese food for miles!

Can't make it in? they'll bring it to you with fast and free delivery.

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